BrightMinds MOE English Framework

At BrightMinds Education, our English tutorial classes are specially designed to improve our students’ proficiency in English. Our students are given guidance and practice in the following areas:

  • Creative Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Synthesis and Transformation
  • Close Passages

Our tutors will guide your child while he or she is doing his/her worksheet, and all corrections with explanations will be completed within the lesson.

What will be covered during lessons:

Continuous Writing (2015 syllabus)

• Previously: Pupils pick from two questions with fixed scenarios to write a narrative essay.

• 2015 onwards: Pupils can weave a story from pictures. For example, a pupil may get a series of three pictures. He or she can weave a story around all three pictures or just one.

Open-ended Comprehension (2015 syllabus)

• Previously: Questions require answers to be given in a line or two.

• 2015 onwards: Questions will be more varied and could include, for example, comparison tables which pupils must fill in using information from the passage.

At BrightMinds Education, you can be rest assured that all of our English tutorial worksheets are updated according to the latest MOE syllabus.

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