PSLE Revision Course

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Tutors’ Background:
Our revision courses are conducted by MOE registered full-time tutors of BrightMinds, who have more than 9 years of teaching experience.
Pupils who attend this course will produce 3 results:
1) Enhance understanding of the different English, Math and Science key concepts
2) Improved answering skills in English, Math and Science
3) Increase familiarity with the different kinds of questions likely to be tested in the PSLE.
Fees (inclusive of material fees)
1) Any 1 subject enrolled: $20/hr
2) Any 2 subjects enrolled: $19/hr
3) Any 3 subjects enrolled: $18/hr
To register, please call us @ 6363-3876. Alternatively, you may drop us a message @ 9147-4941.

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