Common FAQ

1) Are your tutors qualified and good enough to teach my child?

Yes, all of our tutors are well-qualified and experienced to teach students. All of our tutors are specially selected based on a number of strict criteria set out by our founder cum principal. As such, our tutors must pass our strict screening test before they are able to teach at our centres.

All of our tutors have excellent academic results, good teaching track record and excellent interpersonal communication skills with children. Most importantly, our tutors aim to teach, motivate and inspire our students to reach to their fullest academic potential.

2) How are your tutorial lessons conducted? Will my child be only copying answers from the whiteboard?

You can be rest assured that your child will not be merely copying answers from the whiteboard! If this is the case, it is the same as copying answers from an assessment book which defeats the purpose of having a tutor in a class. Our tutors will explain each question and answer thoroughly during every tutorial lessons.

Moreover, there is a video camera in every classroom which captures both our tutors and students. Videos of the lessons conducted will be reviewed constantly by our founder cum principal, hence he will be able to see at how a tutor teaches, if the students are paying attention to the tutor and more.

3) Can my child’s monthly tutorial fees be pro-rated if he is absent for lesson/s?

Our monthly tutorial fees are based on the scheduled lessons of the month, and not based on a student’s attendance of the month. Our tutorial fees are the same for every child, which also ensures fairness among all.

4) Will there be a make-up lesson if my child is not able to attend his usual tutorial class?

Yes, we do allow students to arrange for a replacement lesson if they are unable to attend a lesson. However, students must inform our centre at least a day in advance if they would like to arrange for a replacement lesson. No replacement lessons will be arranged if a student does not notify our centre of his absence before his usual tutorial class.

5) Can your tutor give extra homework to my child or teach him after lesson?

We allow students to ask our tutors any school homework which they are unsure of, however any extra homework given by our tutors in the form of worksheets or assessment books must be paid for by the parent beforehand.

Students are also allowed to ask any academic question before or after the lesson, however only 5 minutes of consultation is permitted as our tutors are not paid for 1-1 individualised consultation.

6) Will my child improve or score well after attending tuition at BrightMinds?

First and foremost, we would like to stress that we are not a miracle centre. With that said, based on our experience with hundreds of students over the past 8 years, students usually show an improvement in their school results after a minimum of 4 to 5 months at our centre. Most importantly, we would like to enforce that every child is special, with unique combinations of abilities that affect his learning.

7) Must I send my child for tuition? Everyone is sending their child for tuition nowadays.

Tuition is not a necessity. But with tuition, studying will definitely be less stressful and time consuming for your child. For example, a challenging Math question may take your child about 2 hours to understand and solve on his own. However, under the guidance of a good and competent tutor, he may only take 15 minutes to understand and solve it. Therefore, we aim to ensure that your child’s learning curve is shortened and this leaves him with more time for other activities.

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