Creative Writing

readingWhat will be covered during lessons:

According to New 2015 English Syllabus for Primary Schools

• According to new 2015 syllabus:
Previously: Students pick from two questions with fixed scenarios to write a narrative essay. 
 2015 onwards: Students can weave a story from pictures. For example, a pupil may get a series of three pictures. He or she can weave a story around all three pictures or just one.

• Students will be taught how to structure and plan their composition. Students are expected to plan according to the 5 Ws and 1 H (ie: who are the characters, where does the story take place, when does it take place, what happened (including highlight/climax of story), why does it take place (reason) and how does the story end.)

• Students will learn different vocabulary phrases and creative writing techniques during the lesson (i.e. flashback introduction, describe scenery introduction, direct speech introduction, moral-ending conclusion etc).

• By the end of the lesson, students will learn how to structure, plan and write their composition in a creative and organised manner.

• Our worksheets are updated regularly to keep up with changes in the MOE syllabus, so that our students are confident enough to face new practices or formats during their school exams. Our tutor will guide students while they are doing their compositions, and all corrections will be completed within the lesson.

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