img-subject-scienceOur students are taught:

  • How to draw a diagram/model
  • Basic science process skills
  • Concept mapping
  • Science concepts and misconceptions
  • How to answer exam questions, especially open-ended questions

What will be covered during lessons:

• Focus on Open-ended questions

• Concept Mapping
Your child will be taught how to create concept maps related to his/her science syllabus and the various ways of using concept maps

• Science Concepts and Misconceptions
We will revise the key science concepts with your child and go through with him/her some of the major science misconceptions held by students and event teachers.

• How to answer Open-ended Exam Questions
Your child will learn how to differentiate between a scientific answer and a non-scientific answer. We will also teach him/her how to analyse exam questions and recognise the key concepts and skills involved in answering them.

• Tutor will teach students how to answer science open-ended questions in a scientific manner, using suitable scientific keywords.

• Our worksheets are updated regularly to keep up with changes in the MOE syllabus, so that our students are confident enough to face new practices or formats during their school exams. Our tutor will guide students while they are doing the worksheet, and all corrections with explanations will be completed within the lesson.

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