At BrightMinds Education, our methods of teaching Mathematics are interactive and innovative, with an emphasis on three to five marks problem sum questions.

We will teach your child the following mathematical concepts:

  • How to draw a diagram/model
  • Make a systematic list
  • Look for pattern(s)
  • Work backwards
  • Use before-after concepts
  • Use guess-and-check
  • Restate the problem in another way
  • Solve the problem in a systematic way

Our Mathematics tutorial class aims to develop your child’s understanding and knowledge of the various mathematical concepts taught in school. He/she will be more confident in Mathematics, which is important in a high-pressure Mathematics examination situation.

What will be covered during lessons:

• Focus on 3-5 marks problem sums

• Tutors will explain the correct and best heuristic method to solve the problem sum (i.e. model method, look for pattern method, work backwards method, guess and check, before and after concepts etc.)

• Our worksheets are updated regularly to keep up with changes in the MOE syllabus, so that our students are confident enough to face new practices or formats during their school exams. Our tutor will guide students while they are doing the worksheet, and all corrections with explanations will be completed within the lesson.

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