Should My Child Study During The Holiday?


Why should your child study during the school holiday? It is a common question among parents and as such, we have listed down 4 reasons on why your child should be studying during this year-end holiday:

1. Best Time To Revise
During the school holiday, your child is free almost every day, hence this makes it the perfect time to organise the notes from the previous months of studying. Your child should use this study break to write up personal study notes for each subject.
Personalised study notes not only allow your child to organise their thoughts, they also provide a quick and highly effective source of information. Therefore when school re-opens, and if there is a surprise test from the teacher, your child will be well-equipped and ready for it!

2. Your Brain Needs Constant Exercise
When students are on a break, they are no longer working their brain at full capacity every day. The brain acts just like a muscle, and needs regular exercise to keep working at its best.  Just as when you stop working out at the gym for a few weeks and you drop back your fitness levels, it takes time to get back to the level you were once at. Doing constant revision during the school holiday allows your child to keep his/her brain active. Hence when your child returns to school, he/she will be the first in their class to pick up where they left off!

3. Study Routine
The first time a student sits down to study, it takes a lot of willpower. They need to convince themselves that the time and effort they spend will have a payoff, and the first few times are always the hardest. However the more they engage in study and establish a routine, it becomes easier to maintain it long-term and gives them the willpower to keep going because they see real results in their exam results.
Therefore, during the school holidays, it is important to ensure that the hard work which your child has put in over the past few months of the school year isn’t wasted just because of major disruptions to their study routines.

4. Have Fun While Studying
Since it is the school holiday, you can encourage your child to form a study group with his/her friends! For some students, group study can be more effective than studying alone as they can encourage and help out each other when they encounter a challenging topic or question.

In a Nutshell:
The school holiday is the time when students can clear their head, relax a little and stretch their brains in different ways. However, letting a study routine slip means your child is missing out on a huge study opportunity to get ahead of his peers. Without continuous revision and practice, your child will soon lose his/her momentum to study and may struggle in his/her studies when school reopens.

The school holiday is the best time for students to get ahead of their peers and it can make a difference in their next year’s report card. Moreover, by studying during the school holiday, it will reduce stress levels and make studying a much easier task in 2016. As such, we sincerely hope that all students will continue to revise and study well during the school holiday!

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