Why Choose BrightMinds?

Currently, there are many tuition centres for parents to choose from.

With such abundance, why should parents choose BrightMinds Education over the rest?

  • Our full-time tutors are very familiar with the current MOE syllabus and have previously taught in primary schools
  • BrightMinds Education is dedicated to educational excellence through its quality lessons.
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Award-Winning Tuition Centre

Award LogoWe are happy and honoured to announce that we have been awarded “Best In PSLE Revision Courses 2015/16” by Parents World, Singapore’s No.1 Parenting Magazine. Thank you to all parents who voted for us, and to the hard work and dedication from our teachers and staff who made this possible. We will continue to teach, guide and motivate all our students towards academic excellence.

At BrightMinds Education, our tutorial lessons aim to produce three results:

1)     Improved skills in English, Mathematics, Science and Mandarin
2)     An increased familiarity with the kind of questions likely to be asked in tests and examinations
3)     High degree of confidence that is essential in excelling in tests and examinations

Under the MOE’s newly implemented academic syllabus for schools, assessment of students has become more challenging. Students will regularly encounter questions which test a wide range of thinking skills, from the simplest recall to the highest order of analysis, inference and prediction.

Equipped with the knowledge, skills and familiarity with exam questions, we feel sure that a student who attends our tutorial lessons will approach his/her school with the positive attitude that comes from being well-prepared!

Our tutors


Some of Our Tutors’ Profile

Ms. Marie

  • Specialize in English and Science
  • Taught for 10 years
  • Distinction in O-level English
  • Law Graduate (Second Class Honors LLB)
  • Full-time tutor of BrightMinds

Mr. Prem

  • Specialize in Math and Science
  • Taught for 10 years
  • Distinction in O-level Math
  • Full-time tutor of BrightMinds

Ms Sonia G.

  • Specialize in Science
  • Taught for 8 years
  • Freelance Contributor and Editor for Science assessments books from Fairfield Book Publishers Pte Ltd
  • Distinction in O-level Science
  • Full-time Science tutor

Mr Ivan Chew

  • Specialize in Math
  • Taught for 13 years
  • NTU Bachelor in Engineering
  • Distinction in O-level Math
  • MOE Allied Educator

Mr Loray

  • 10 years of teaching experience
  • Degree in Engineering (NTU)
  • Achieved Silver for Math Olympiads
  • Distinction in O-level and A-level Math
  • Specialise in Math

Mr Zarieo

  • 9 years of teaching experience
  • Degree in Communication & Media Studies
  • Dip in English Language Teaching (TESOL by London Teaching Training College)
  • Dip in Educational Studies in Creative Language Arts by UK College of Teachers
  • Specialise in English

Ms Michelle

  • 10 years of teaching experience
  • Distinction in O-level English
  • Distinction in A-level GP
  • Specialise in English

Ms Sharmila

  • 16 years of teaching experience
  • Diploma in Montessori Teaching
  • Full-time Tutor
  • Specialise in English

Ms Hanee

  • Specialize in English and Science
  • Taught for 5 years
  • NTU Degree in Chemistry & Biological Chemistry
  • Distinction in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology (Dip.)

Ms Jen

  • 5 years of teaching experience
  • Ex-MOE Editor (Educational Division)
  • Distinction in O-level Chinese
  • Specialise in Chinese

2018 award